New talk-of-town model Zahara Zaire aka Tanasha Titi has denied media reports that she is dating Nairobi big baller Steve Mbogo.

After attending his much-publicised birthday party and behaving like quite the date, Zahara now says she is only dating TV hunk Nick Mutuma and not the upcoming politician.

“My attendance was purely business. There was nothing personal,” she told Pulse adding that Nick knew everything about it.

Contrary to reports that she was actually a hired model during the event, Steve Mbogo’s team now says she was not paid but just appeared as a guest.

Nick Mutuma hooked up with the model-cum-singer three months ago. Nick – who had just broken up with another fashion girl and model Bridget Shighadi — and Tanasha attended the Nairobi Fashion week over the weekend and were looking quite an item.

The two started off five months ago even as word went round that Nick was still trying to woo Bridget back. Since that time, Bridget has ruled out any hope that they will get back together.

“Ours is now a working relationship,” she told Pulse last two weeks ago.

“She is the perfect definition of beauty with brains. She is a blessing, a wonderful lady with the style of an ideal woman,” a smitten Nick said of his new catch.