Pop Singer Rihanna. (Courtesy)

Rihanna was left with a nasty black eye and a severely bruised face as she became the latest big star to be involved in an e-scooter incident. She was "smashed in the forehead" as the vehicle flipped over and hit her directly in the head. The singer's reps have confirmed RiRi is nursing her injuries after the worrying accident. It came after YouTube sensation Emily Hartridge died when she lost control due to an under-inflated tyre.

A coroner last week concluded the presenter, 35, died instantly from multiple traumatic injuries when she was thrown under a lorry in Battersea, London, last July. Last month, Simon Cowell required back surgery after falling off an e-bike at his mansion. Nine-time Grammy winner Rihanna is recovering after her nasty accident.

The 32-year-old was pictured in LA with a number of dark markings on her face as she drove in a car to her favourite restaurant Giorgio Baldi. Her representative told TMZ the star was was "on an e-scooter a few days ago and ate it after the scooter flipped over, smacking her in the face and forehead". They also told People that the Umbrella hit-maker in on the mend.

“Rihanna is completely fine now but flipped over on an electric scooter last week and bruised her forehead and face. Luckily there were no major injuries and she is healing quickly," the rep said.

Rihanna was left with a nasty black eye and a severely bruised. (Courtesy)

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She grabbed some food in the backseat of her black Cadillac Escalade, as a member of her team brought her a glass of white wine as she waited to pick up her food. The beauty removed her square sunglasses and showed the world her shiner. The inquest into the death of tragic YouTuber Emily Hartridge was heard on Friday.

In her conclusions, senior coroner Dr Wilcox wrote: "Ms Hartridge was riding an electric scooter on Queenstown Road when she lost control after passing over an inspector hatch in the cycle lane and was thrown under the path of an HGV.

"She died instantly of injuries sustained by the HGV driving over her. The scooter was being unsuitably driven, too fast and with an underinflated tyre and this caused the loss of control and her death."