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Ben Affleck's secret Instagram account exposed - with just three followers

 Ben [Photo: Getty]

Ben Affleck appears to have had his secret Instagram account rumbled by a fan however there's still an element of mystery surrounding the profile.

Thanks to some impressive detective work from reporter Kelsey Weekman, the 47-year-old award-winning actor's private account might have been unearthed.

Sharing her investigation on social media, Kelsey joined the dots between several giveaway clues that the 'finsta' profile belonged to the actor.

First off the account, is run by a person called 'Ben' and is named @positiveattitudehunting, which appears to be a nod to the film Good Will Hunting that the actor starred in.

The profile's picture seems to reinforce speculation that it's Ben's account because it shows a snap of the actor snuggling with his current girlfriend Ana De Armas.

The bio for the Instagram account reads: "Just a dad who sometimes makes movies," alongside a link to a charity that Ben actually founded.

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As for who follows the mystery account, @positiveattitudehunting has just three followers.

One of them is girlfriend Ana De Armas and one of the other two is ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

A mystery lingers over the third follower, that no super sleuth has been able to yet unravel.

The private account also follows 14 people and boasts 35 private snaps that fans are eager to get their eyes on.

Followers of the actor have since expressed their excitement over the mystery over social media.

"Who!!!!!!!!!!!!! makes their finsta photo one of themselves, much less one so irritating!" the journalist behind the discovery remarked.

"This is the content I need. We need the identity of that third follower," wrote another.

Another wrote: "This is such important work."

Some fans have speculated that the profile will feature images of Ana de Armas, after reports reveal that the lovebirds have been getting 'serious'.

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Others had differing opinions, with one writing: "Why is everyone making such a big deal out of this? He has a private Insta for his personal friends. So what?"

Ben naturally also has a public profile that boasts 4.3 million followers and over 162 posts that shed light on the actor's life.

Should this turn out to be his 'real' finsta, the legendary actor might be receiving a few more follow requests than usual.

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