Wendy Williams fans think she farted live on air [Photo: Wendy Williams Show]

Wendy Williams has spoken out about the moment that viewers claim she farted on live TV.

The 55-year-old is not often shy at discussing topics on her talk show and so she wasted no time in addressing the moment that has been dubbed 'Fartgate' and left her being called 'Windy' Williams.

It has been reported that Wendy cracked one out when she shifted in her seat during one of last week's episodes with her microphone allegedly picking up the noise.

Wendy was quick to speak out, saying: "I want to talk to you about something very, very serious. I’ve been going through this for a moment and I would like to have a private conversation with you, okay?"

She continued: "I have never farted once on this show. As a matter of fact, I barely fart, you know why?

"Because gas gets released several different ways and mine is belching because all I do is talk."

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Viewers were still convinced that Wendy let a sneaky one out, so she continued her defence of the situation.

Wendy added: "Let me tell you something right now, okay? I don’t lean over like this to release a fart, I’m lean over like this because it’s comfortable.

"If I sit [straight] all the time, it’s heavy on my spine. I don’t have the back. I’m not trying to get the back.

"I like to release my hips and lean, you know what I’m saying? … I’ve been doing this for 11 years on this show!"

While the explanation seemed sensible, it was not convincing many online, who continued to tweet their thoughts on the situation.

One viewer tweeted: "Wendy Williams just let one out on live TV. Now, don't you act like you don't fart nah what I’m saying."

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Another added: "Wendy farted!!! Sounded like a real hot topic... #WindyWilliams."

Hopefully, Wendy will be able to put 'Fartgate' to bed though people may still be keeping an eye to see if the duvet lifts.