The car which Mayweather bought his daughter for Christmas.

Floyd Mayweather has treated his daughter to an early Christmas present - to the tune of Sh18 million.

The former boxer has gifted 19-year-old Iyanna a Mercedes-Benz G63 car and she posted her thanks to her legendary father on social media.

Stunned by the gesture, she wrote on Instagram : “Omg! Omg! Omg! Thank you so much dad!”

Iyanna is the eldest of Mayweather's four children, alongside Zion, Koraun and Jirah.

Mayweather has a large fleet of luxury vehicles of his own and has been known to splash out on cars for his children in the past.

He reportedly bought Zion a Sh40 million Mercedes C-Class Coupe as part of his 16th birthday celebrations.

In Mayweather's personal garage there are five Rolls Royce's which come to the tune of Sh261 million.

They include a classic Phantom, a Phantom Drophead Coupe, a Wraith, a Cullinan and a Dawn.

Mayweather has been teasing a return to the ring in recent weeks, as he looks to build on his unbeaten career.

But he could be tempted to step inside the Octagon with the UFC - and MMA supremo Dana White has confirmed that discussions will be had in the coming months.

"Floyd and I both believe that we add a lot of value to each other," White said.

"We'll see how things start to play out, probably by the fall of 2020, and we're probably going to do some business together."