Jenny looked so cute in a huge beanie hat [Image: Instagram]

Jennifer Aniston has been labelled a 'cutie' by fellow celebrities in her latest throwback Thursday picture.

The star, who is well-known for playing Rachel Green in American sitcom Friends, shared the black and white snap on her two-month-old Instagram page which shocked pals of the star.

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The Hollywood actress, 50, posted the picture to her social media account, where young Jennifer can be seen gazing through a window praying for snow.

"California beanie baby (I'm sure I was wishing for snow) #TBT," Jennifer wrote.

The star also opened up on her amicable divorce with ex Justin Theroux [Image: Getty Images]

The star was wearing a big beanie hat and her baby curls can be seen peeking out at the end.

Bride Wars actress Kate Hudson said: "Oh sweet girl," with a smiley emoji.

While famous movie producer Laura Dern penned: "Come ON you cutie".

Jenny's throwback snap came after she broke down in tears on the Ellen DeGeneres' TV show Ellen, which kicked off its three-night Greatest Night of Giveaways on Tuesday.

TV host Ellen, 61, needed Jen's assistance to help out Jeff Kimball, a father of two who lost his wife to sarcoma cancer, for the festive season. The family had been invited on the show, where Kimball opened up about his wife

Jennifer Aniston [Image: PA]

Jen was moved to tears when the father-of-two revealed his wife was a huge fan of Ellen and that her 'Finding Nemo' character inspired his family in times of need.

"She was going in for a 13-hour surgery. The last thing I did was blow her a kiss and say, 'Just keep swimming,'" Kimball revealed in the clip.

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"Oh my God, I mean, what would your mom say right now if she knew you guys were here?" a visually emotional Aniston chimed in to ask.

“She would be so happy. Ellen, she was your biggest fan, so she'd be like, 'Move over because I'm getting closer!'" said Jeff.