"What is that?!" [Photo: pedrocuz/Instagram]

A woman who loves bikinis was recently given a very unexpected gift by her husband-to-be.

The woman, named Patty, has an Instagram account filled with pictures of her on holiday wearing two-pieces from brands such as PrettyLittleThing.

But her partner, Pedro, a former radio producer, clearly thought she was getting too much attention in her current swimwear, so took matters into his own hands.

The Australian surprised his fiancée with a swimming costume that has his face printed on the front and the back and filmed her reaction to the garment for his followers to see.

In an IGTV video shared on Wednesday, Pedro said: "I give Patty a big surprise. Patty loves her bikinis so I thought I'd buy her a new one."

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In the clip he tells his partner that he has something he'd like her to try on, before blindfolding her.

Once in the swimsuit, he stands her in front of a mirror for the big reveal.

As the blindfold comes off, Patty shrieks at her reflection as Pedro laughs off camera.

Incredulously she asks: "What is that?!"

She goes on to brand the garment "disgusting" and "scary" which provokes her fiancé to remind her that it's "his face".

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The video has been watched over 7,800 times since it was uploaded and has garnered over 150 comments.

Many were amused by the prank, with one saying Patty was "such a good sport".

Another wrote: "This is gold."

A third replied: "Hahahaha OMG her reaction."