Wizarding World.[Photo: Instagram wizardingworld]

The final Harry Potter movie was released in 2011 and eight years later we're still discovering new things about the wizarding world.

Most recently we've been told a very interesting fact about He Who Must Not Be Named.

As we all know, Voldemort split his soul into pieces, known as 'Horcruxes', and each one was tied to a different object or creature.

But what you might not have realised, is as Harry, Ron and Hermione worked to destroy all of them, Voldemort's robes changed.

Wizarding World.[Photo: Instagram wizardingworld]

The official Wizarding World Instagram account revealed this information in a recent post.

They said: "Did you know? In the Harry Potter films, Voldemort's robes faded in colour every time a Horcrux was destroyed, to give the impression he was slowly fading away."

Those who have seen the Deathly Hallows Part Two will remember that during his final battle, when Harry defeats him, Voldemort crumbles to pieces as he dies.

According to information given on the Warner Bros Studio Tour, the faded effect was achieved by interweaving seven robes with different shades of green. Each robe became slightly duller in colour, the more pieces of his soul were stripped away.

Wizarding World's post has been liked more than 260,000 times, with many Potterheads sharing their shock at the revelation.

One person commented: "So cool! I don't think I ever noticed that."

Another wrote: "Now I need to watch all of these over again to spot this!!"

A third added: "Holy s*** I didn't know."

Someone else exclaimed: "Wow!"

The robes are very faded by the end [Image: Warner Bros]

Voldemort was portrayed by several different actors over the course of the eight films, including Christian Coulson in the Chamber of Secrets.

Most notably, from the Goblet of Fire onwards, he was played by Ralph Fiennes.

The Harry Potter movies are based on the best-selling book series of the same name written by J.K. Rowling.