Ivana Vladislava started investigating inflatable boobs after complications with her initial implants (Image: Caters News Agency)

A transgender woman has become one of the first people in the world to get £13,000 inflatable boobs fitted - that reach a massive P cup size.

Ivana Vladislava, 27, underwent the procedure after dedicating her life to looking as feminine as possible.

She even started taking female hormone tablets at just 11-years-old.

Ivana started investigating the option of inflatable boobs after suffering an infection in her previous right G cup implant.

After having to live with just one breast for a year, Ivana, from Berlin, Germany, was able to have her remaining implant replaced with a pair of £13,000 'inflatable implants' that allow her to reach a massive P-cup.

Now, Ivana is able to inflate her breasts by filling them with saline solution from her 'normal' J cup all the way up to a massive P cup.

Ivana said: "I wanted to get my breasts as big as possible, so went to get custom made implants fitted which were 1600CC.

"However, after surgery, my right breast opened and I could see the implant coming out of my skin, it was leaking and bleeding, it was horrible.

Ivana Vladislava, 26, had inflatable implants fitted after being forced to live with one breast for a year (Image: Caters News Agency)

"Just four months later I was rushed to hospital because I had blood poisoning and they found that there was a deadly bacteria in my implant, so removed it.

"I was then forced to walk around for a year with one big boob and completely flat chested on the other side while I saved up to afford more surgery.

"I tried to hide it as much as I could, but someone found out and then I started getting called Cyclops - it was very upsetting.

"But now, the new implants that I have are inflatable, so I prick a needle into the side of my breast and fill it up with saline solution, like a water balloon.

"I have to pump them up every three months and they can fill up to 5000cc - which would leave me at an O or P cup size, which I wouldn't be able to get bras for.

"At the moment they are pumped to a J cup size, but my goal is to fill them up to 4000cc which would be a M cup.

"Now that I have my new breasts, I feel a lot better and can finally walk around without feeling self-conscious and being in pain.

"I want women to learn, from what happened to me, to do their research before having such extensive surgery."

Ivana initially started her transformation when she was 11-years-old, but claims she is no where near finished yet.

She said: "From the age of 11, I knew that I was a girl and quickly decided to start taking hormones, dressing like a girl and growing my hair long.

"As I grew into a teenager I began hating my appearance, I was ignored by men, I felt fat, ugly and not sexy.

Ivana Vladis [Photo: Courtesy]

"But I knew I didn't have to live like that, so I made a plan of how to change my look and I began looking for surgeons across the world.

"I have based my look on a plastic female doll, because I want to look as perfect as possible.

"Plastic is powerful and cannot break and that's how I see myself, so there's nothing else I'd rather base my look on."

Ivana's list of procedures include:

Breast augmentation - Sh4,486,936 (£34,800)

Five nose surgeries - Sh 2,359,509 (£18,300)

Eight liposuction surgeries - Sh2,256,361 (£17,500)

Forehead reshaping - Sh1,351,238 (£10,480)

Three-part jawline removal surgery - Sh1,005,692 (£7,800)

Brow bone reshaping - Sh670,461 £5,200

Cheek implants - Sh554,420 (£4,300)

Hairline lowering -Sh554,420 (£4,300)

Liposuction on neck - Sh554,420 (£4,300)

Cheek and Lip filler injections -Sh451,272 (£3,500)

Buccal fat removal - Sh335,230 (£2,600)