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Gift ideas for Valentine's Day


A red rose with a ring of white gold in a box. [Getty Images]

The spirit of love is in the air as people prepare for Valentine’s Day.

Most girls dream of a man dropping a package of a nice red or burgundy dress with a note that reads; “Put that one on I am coming to pick you up”.

Others hope for a bouquet or money or both with a flattering note. Let’s not forget those who want a Valentine’s package of chocolate and nice cakes, delivered to them.

We cannot blame them because February 14 is a day when lovers show affection to one another.

It is so easy to gift a woman but it is not that easy for a woman to decide a gift for her man. Some say it is because men have expensive taste, which could be true. Others say it is because their gifts are minimal.

If you are a woman with hefty pockets, you can buy your man a fitting classy suit. A burgundy suit would be nice if you want him to put it on during your evening outing.

Men appreciate good perfumes, good quality belts, and wallets. Some stores offer these gifts as a package at a cheaper price.

However, make sure the love you share is worth such strides. The same law applies to men to avoid broken hearts after this lovers’ season.

But what makes your gift stand out this Valentine’s? First of all, personalise the gift. This means buying something that she likes or that is exclusively for her.

These include engraved mugs, dolls or jewellery. Personalised gifts are the best since they show that the person had you in mind when getting the gifts.

Pleasing a girl does not necessarily mean you go all out with money (well sometimes it does), but by offering things that please her.

Get her favourite meal or shoes that she has been eyeing.

Everybody loves a nice gesture of love from whoever their heart belongs to. The funny thing is some people fantasise about all these nice things but they don’t have the main ingredient, a lover.

If you don’t have one, worry not. You can take some of your sister’s or best friend’s chocolate when their lovers buy it for them.

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