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One-on-one with Ken Rapudo

 Ken Rapudo [Instagram]

When Ken Rapudo and Amber Ray confirmed they were an item, they quickly became the talk of town.

We recently sat down with him to hear his side of the story.

Given that you were not an active personality on social media, you have climbed the celebrity ladder status in a short period. Was this in you or you are just good at what you put your hands on?

I didn’t know celebrities had ladders, I simply fell in love. Social media was not something I went looking for, it fell on my path.

‘Bibi ya Tajiri’ - describe that phrase in your own way...

I am a pragmatic man. I understand the practical aspects of life and the need for financial stability. Traditionally, the husband is considered the primary provider. Seeing as the only reason my wife works is because she loves what she does, this somewhat became my wife’s name.

Ever received hate mail or bitter criticism and how do you handle it?

I have, many times. I do not handle them because they are not meant for me. People out here are going through darkness. Sometimes the only way to breathe in some light for them is to throw the darkness to others, but it is okay. I have enough light for them. I do not need to add darkness in their lives.

What gives you the tough skin to resist negativity?

Big balls, a shot of tequila and friends with experience. I’m here for all life, not just the good times and God always buckles you up before sending you out, he always pulls you back before it gets too bad. So, I’ve learnt to let go and trust the vision.

Any plans to feature in a reality show?

I’m still young and here for experiences. If it falls on my path then so shall it be, but I don’t go looking. I have businesses to run and a family to protect as we settle into a less public relationship.

Do you feel like you are under pressure with people waiting for a nasty split?

Not at all, let them wait. As the husband to Mata Hari in Cleopatra, I would be surprised if everyone wanted us to last. So I built a pressure chimney over my head and I have the last word!

Have you experienced it first-hand?

Of course, I have and I go through them like the boss I am. I’ve been on record saying that something must kill a man, but now I realise that for us it is the love we have for each other.

Do you offer your presence as an influencer or an enabling partner giving a helping hand?

Faith is the mother to my family, I do not offer my presence, I am present. I offer my life to my wife, everything else is simply life. I have also learnt that our relationships serve as mirrors, reflecting our inner selves, and delving into the transformative power of embracing greater love to conquer life’s challenges.

Where do you channel the proceeds from your content creation?

I do not charge for content creation. I believe more in partnerships, (and) thus will only support content that benefits family businesses

Do you find it difficult to find a balance between serious business meetings and the social media persona?

I have no meetings too serious for my social media persona. I call my own shots and I am what you see.

Has the media publicity made it easier for you to do business?

No. Each business has different target markets and my business markets are more traditional, so not largely on social media. If anything, starting new businesses now seems exciting.

Have either of you experienced a moment of jealousy and how do you as a couple handle that?

Jealousy comes from high expectations and a lack of communication. We communicate well, and we are always honoured to be in each other’s company, so our expectations find fulfilment. Just like any other marriage, there are ups and downs. Like I said earlier, I was in the wrong, but it doesn’t change who I am.

There has been hearsay about the possibility of running for office, would you consider that?

I’m young and here for the experience, but if I was to become a leader, it would not be because I was angry and wanted to change the world. See I already live in a perfect world, and it’s big enough for everyone. My leadership is based on showing this world to people through practical ways of finding bliss and being productive. So for me to lead, it would have to be the big office and for now, people seem to be very happy with the current leadership so we will see.

What is the one thing that people don’t know and wouldn’t believe about your relationship that you do or don’t?

We fast, we pray and believe it or not, we might one day start a ministry. I’ll remain committed to raising and providing for my children to the best of my ability and protect them by staying off the media. To the mother of my beautiful daughter, I have made my apology and sincerely regret my wrongdoings. We, however, move regardless.

What’s the biggest misconception about your relationship?

That we are invincible. We are a family like any other, we have to work twice as hard to sustain the balance. Every positive vibe shared goes a long way and we keep growing.

Were there any misconceptions about your relationship and what you portrayed?

Not really because as I have said earlier, I got myself an ideal woman who, regardless of any situation, I love. She’s a good chef in the house, a psychologist during tough times and a goddess while at work. I know when she loves, she loves unconditionally

Were the expectations from the fans too much?

It really doesn’t matter because surprisingly those on our side are more than those against us. The love, compassion and prayers from our supporters are always welcome and keep building a strong wall around us.

Did your social status contribute to the fights?

I’d like to make everyone understand that an isolated incident doesn’t mean my status in our relationship has taken a different turn. I’m raising a young family and I will never advocate for domestic violence.

What will you miss the most?

Not quite much. I have everything I’d ask for in my family. I will not miss the media much though and that is why we have decided to work on our marriage away from the public. Let people not dig too much into it. This was nothing but a mere and usual couple's misunderstanding.

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