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Aging gracefully: Esther Passaris turns 59

 Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris.

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris on Friday celebrated her 59th birthday and she took to her socials to appreciate special people in her life.

She also said she is comfortable in her skin and is in love with the woman she is.

“Today I celebrate turning 59 with gratitude to God and to my parents. I treasure my memories and moments of solitude.

“I treasure my family, friends and fans alike. Never taking for granted your love. I treasure being comfortable in my skin and loving all of me,” she wrote.

Her photo also elicited reactions from her followers who complimented her glow and youthful look.

VinieO: This picture is what being unapologetic is all about....embracing your body and age and loving it. Happy birthday, Esther.

Olari: So getting old means looking young. Happy birthday to you

Kadiga: Happy Birthday. You look 39

 Esther Passaris [Facebook]

In a previous interview with the Standard, Passaris shared the secret behind her effortless glow saying proper skin routine and healthy eating habits are key.

“I use eye cream a lot to help with dark patches which are a result of not getting enough rest. The most important part of my skincare routine is removing my make up before I sleep and wearing sunscreen.

“The sun is harsh on the skin and one should always apply a thin layer to protect themselves from the ultra-violet rays,” she said.

To avoid wrinkles, she mentioned the importance of facercises; admitting to making funny faces in front of the mirror every now and then.

In August this year, Passaris opened up about hair thinning after several people asked why she was losing hair.

She boldly took to social media to explain the reason behind it and also took time to encourage those in a similar situation to love themselves unapologetically.

“Oh yeah, my hair is thinning. And the reason it’s thinning is one, I don’t have a thyroid. And sometimes my thyroxine levels get low and my hair, of course, thins.  I’m also gonna be 60 next year. So if you’re going to be 60, obviously, you’ll have to lose some hair.

“But this is the thing, no matter what you’re going through in life, you’ve got to love yourself. You got to look in the mirror every morning and just say to yourself, I love you, no matter what. Cause once you love yourself, then you can pick up any other pieces and move on with it,” she said.

 Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris. [Facebook]

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