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Michelle Ntalami quits alcohol, celebrates one month of sobriety

 Michelle Ntalami [Instagram]

Entrepreneur Michelle Ntalami is celebrating a month of sobriety after deciding to quit alcohol.

Sharing her decision on social media, the Marini Naturals CEO said there are numerous reasons why she quit alcohol and is grateful to God for guiding her through the transition.

"30 days without alcohol. Many roads have led me to this place. I could not have done it without God, and I am so grateful to Him for bringing me here. A beautiful story for another day. I contemplated stopping alcohol for a while. To be clear, there was never any struggle or addiction to begin with. I simply felt that it wasn't serving me anymore. For one, the feeling, places, spaces and people I'd take it with would most times leave me feeling more empty and drained, than happy and fulfilled, especially and ironically, during the tough times of my life. I needed to make space for better things," she wrote.

The AABLA award winner went on to explain that more often than not, alcohol brings about so much hurt and she is happy to have taken the bold step.

"Secondly, I was always the type to 'handle my liquor.' But just because you do, doesn't mean others will. And if you're like me, you get tired (and hurt) of all the drama or things people said and did to you when they were on alcohol, then blame it on the alcohol," she added.

The natural hair enthusiast went on to list all the good things she has experienced and cannot get enough of since quitting alcohol.

"What has changed for the better since then? Clarity of mind, better wholistic health, better sleep, waking up fresh on weekends, more energy, the glow on my skin, fuller hair, a drama-free life, more meaningful connections and conversations, more money saved, and above all, peace of mind, body and soul.

Michelle concluded her post with an encouragement to anyone struggling to quit alcohol, assuring that they will soon come out victorious and should be patient with themselves.

"We talk and flaunt the good habits we pick up. But let's also be honest enough to share more about dropping the habits that are not serving us. There's folks out there who need that message and encouragement to do the same. For anyone who's taken the step to choose better for themselves in any way, or even thinking of doing so, I am proud of you. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. I am loving this new habit, and I intend to keep it this way for as long as I can, so help me God. In the meantime, I am enjoying all the 'looking younger and glowing skin' compliments I've been getting."

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