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10 simple but powerful ways to make a girl want you just by texting


Ladies are sensitive beings and anything you say or do to or with them determines how she responds to you.

Sometimes as a man, you might feel like you are pushing a lady too hard and she might not be as interested as you’d want.

However, how you approach her, in person or in a text is really important, especially if you want her to be YOUR lady.

Texts have become the norm in today’s society, arising from the introduction of social media and mobile apps.

These are the tips you should have in mind when you want to make her yours just by text:

Always stay positive

It is important not to bore the lady when you text her. Use smileys on every text if possible. Do not let her know that she is boring, even when she is.

Be playful

Always keep the lady curious about where you are and what you are doing. Ladies like checking up on people a lot and being playful while at the same time letting her know your whereabouts and activity will draw her closer to you.

Know what to say when you have nothing

It can be hard to know what to text a girl sometimes, especially when you know nothing about her at all. If you know something interesting about her, maybe her favourite movie or what she likes to watch, you can engage her in a conversation about the same, but from an angle.

Know when to ask her out

Even if a girl is giving you signs, some guys fail to realise when to ask a lady out. Ladies get bored when conversations on phone go for too long if she wanted you to ask her out in the first sentence. The longer you talk, the closer you are to messing everything up. If you tell her everything on text then there is no reason to meet up.

Ending convos

You should always know when to end a conversation with a lady. This will keep you off the friend-zone since she will not text you when she wants to unwind or rant. Ending the conversation means you are in control and you can come back and continue at a late time.


When chatting with a lady on phone, try to mix up the durations on how you reply messages. When you replay in durations that are not define, or suddenly disappear from a chat, the lady will wait on you, curious to know what happened to you or where you suddenly went.

Mirror her

Sometimes the way a girl texts is not the same way she speaks in person. When texting, you have to adjust yourself to her level or style so that you are in sync with each other.

Grammar and Spelling

Sometimes guys get too serious and use perfect grammar when speaking to a lady about something that is not that serious. If you want a lady to be free with you, do not be so rigid with your grammar. Use short forms where possible, even all the time to chat quicker.

Ask her out – Be clever

You could start by asking her what type of food she likes, then you could explore and find out joints where the food is offered. At this point, she will easily go out with you knowing you know what she likes. In short, insinuate the date.

Send the text and forget about it

Sometimes when you overthink after sending a text makes you nervous and you would change your tone or the momentum will shift once you text again. Just send a text and forget about it. What she replies you will be able to counter if you stop thinking too much about it.

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