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Mulamwah hints at reason behind break up with Carrol Sonie

 Mulamwah [Courtesy]

Comedian Mulamwah has opened up on details of his relationship with ex-girlfriend Carrol Sonie.

Speaking in an interview with Dr. Ofweneke, Mulamawah stated that there was a recurrent matter that he could not ignore.

“People do not just wake up and walk away. Some things happened before we broke up…we tried to come back together and sort things but again things weren’t moving on like they were supposed to. There are things that were very recurrent. Someone wrongs you in a particular way but they keep reminding you of the incident.

“That is what actually happened to us. Something happened before and the problem is being reminded every time you look at someone…it was really getting to me and I saw it fit not to push the relationship. We would have postponed a problem,” he said.

Despite ending their union, Mulamwah disclosed that he is still involved in his child’s life although not as much as he would have loved to.

“I don’t spend so much time with the child but any time I am free and she is free we plan and I get to see the child. I have access to the baby, there are no restrictions so far,” he added.

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Moving on

Many were taken aback by Mulamwah’s new relationship announcement hardly a days after his break up with Sonie.

Setting the record straight on the matter, the comedian revealed that he had broken up with the actress months before they decided to go public with the news and had already gotten into a new relationship by then.

“I can say I have healed because the break up was not something recent, it started long time ago when she was three, four months pregnant. We agreed to bring the child into the world together and later announce our separation.

“I have learnt a lot in my new relationship and honestly wouldn’t want to talk much about it. What I can say is that the relationship didn’t start on that day I posted our picture together. After we broke up other things started, of course not immediately but with time,” he continued.

According to Mulamwah, it was crucial to find an accountability partner to help balance his personal life and fame.

“I realized when you are an artist and you are making some little cash, if you don’t have a sense of responsibility or an accountability partner you will waste your life so much. If you don’t have a person to be by your side to guide you on what to do and what not to do, to act as a barrier between you and your fans you will lose yourself.”

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