Rev Natasha: Mature up, marriage is not for boys and girls

By Stevens Muendo | 3 months ago
"Love is about two imperfect people coming together. I feel this is the person that God has ordained for me" [Courtesy]

If Reverend Natasha took long to settle down, it was because she wanted to get it right.

“You want to marry somebody who is a friend, with who you are compatible. Somebody who you have chemistry, somebody (with) who you have the same goals, same values, same vision. So that was what I was waiting for, and that is why it has taken long,” she told one of our writers in an interview late last year.

“Love is about two imperfect people coming together. I feel this is the person that God has ordained for me. He is a friend. He’s someone I can talk to; if I have something good I want to share, if am going through a struggle this is the person I feel that I need to share with,” she revealed. 

Natasha has done a number of books and preaching series about relationships and marriage.


Natasha advises that one should never wed an immature man or woman, an unbeliever and one who is extravagant. She says a wedding should not incur debts.

“Marriage is not for boys and girls but for men and women that are ready to take responsibilities. Marriage is a place of duty and sacrifice. Immature singles should never think of a wedding now. Before you think of a wedding, you must mature spiritually, emotionally, mentally, socially and financially,” she warns.

And as the world awaits her to hold her wedding, in her book, she warns that people should not expect it to be extravagant as she narrates a sad story of a couple whose sorry example should be a lesson to the world.

“It was a great wedding, the church auditorium repainted by the couple for the wedding. The cake was 19 steps high, the reception took place in a five-star hotel. The gown of the bride and suit of the groom together with shoes, rings and bags were imported from London. Food was in excess, drinks flowed like water.

“Few weeks after the wedding, a hot argument emerged between the young wife and husband. The man could not provide enough money to feed his wife,” she warns.

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