Nobody is milking your country, Konshens tells Eric Omondi

By Diana Anyango | 1 month ago

Jamaican dancehall artiste Konshens has responded to Eric Omondi’s protest over the influx of foreign artistes during the festive season.

In the post shared on social media, Eric had accused Kenyans of belittling their own to the point of outsourcing for talent to entertain them on New Year.  

“Honestly are we doing this badly? Is the State of our music Industry really this bad???????? I really have nothing against International artists. My heart is profusely bleeding for our industry. You honestly want to tell me that a @khaligraph_jones @otilebrown @realshinski concert cannot pull crowds on the last day of the year. I have no problem with Konshens. My Issue is our own messaging!!! We are and have been killing our own!!! It's all in the messaging people, messaging is everything. So next week Kenyan artists will be unveiled as curtain-raisers,” he complained.

In a rejoinder, Konshens assured Eric Omondi that no international artist was trying to milk Kenya stating that they only perform in Kenya because of the vibe and energy they get from their Kenyan fans.

“Blessings my friend. I find this very interesting. Many people are sending your words to me. Would love to sit down and hear what exactly your issue is. Are you upset with international artistes for loving your country? … Nobody is trying to milk your country. Your country just has a crazy love for all genres of music…,” he wrote in part.


The Backaz crooner went on to explain that he has a number of shows lined up in his home town on New Year’s eve but still chose to perform in Kenya because of the love he has for the country.  

“I had 4 offers for Dec 31st all way closer to my home and less of a hassle but I chose Kenya. Because of the raw vibe & energy… We just love your country and your people and they love us back…”he added.

I don’t blame you

According to Eric Omondi the blame is not on international artists but Kenyan promoters who prefer foreigners over local artists. Because of this, the President of Comedy explains that the Kenyan music industry has taken a slump and is yet to recover. 

“The thing is we are trying to revive it and in order to do that I feel promoters ought to support our agenda by pushing our artists as well. The big shows happening in Kenya in November and December include yourself, Charly Black, NSG, Kranium, Koffi Olomide, Harmonize, Mbosso, and am told Cecil is also on her way. My brother you guys are killing us. Our musicians are weak and sickly. I feel like we need a little space to recover, rejuvenate and the promoters are not doing anything to help!!!” Wrote Eric.

Eric Omondi

Konshens is set to perform at the Be Mobile NRG Wave concert scheduled for December 31st.

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