Sanaipei Tande: I was offered a Porsche on social media but I declined

By Vincent Kejitan | 6 months ago

Former radio host Sanaipei Tande on Friday revealed that she gets numerous offers from men but she politely declines because she believes in hardwork and making her own money.

Speaking during an interview on a local TV station, the Najuta hitmaker further revealed that some men go to the extent of offering cash just to meet her or have lunch with her.

“I have been offered a Porsche on social media, and you just decline respectfully and just say thank you but no thanks.

“There are people who will tell you they will even pay you an appearance fee, I'm like appearance fee for where, for lunch? They are like 'please have lunch with me and I'll give you 1000 dollars,'" she said.

In a separate interview at Radio Maisha, Sanaipei also divulged that doors opened when she quit drinking.

Speaking to Mwende and Clemmo on the Konnect show, she stated that it has been over two years since she last tasted alcohol and she does not regret it.

“I do not take alcohol…it has been over two and a half years since I last tasted alcohol and now I know I can do without it.

“I feel like I had lost focus back then and alcohol was even affecting my vocals during Karaoke nights. I think my line of work sort of influenced my choices too,” she said.

Adding: “I would get paid but most of my money would be spent on alcohol and other not so important things. Right now I am at a good place.”

When asked about her relationship status, Sanaipei opted not to answer saying she does not like to divulge much about her private life because it does not add any value to anyone.

She, however, admitted that she has been hit on by women.

“Yes, it is normal for anyone to be hit on. I have been approached by women for relationships but I politely decline.

“Also, I have never tried online dating,” she said.

Asked whether she would be comfortable as a housewife, Sanaipei said that would depend on a number of factors, key among them being whether she will enough sources of income.

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“I am a workaholic…but maybe I can be a housewife if I have my investments like real estate that will guarantee me monthly income,” she said.

Sanaa, who revealed that she struggled to pay her Sh55,000 rent at some point, said it was difficult to abandon that lifestyle but when things got tough after losing her job, she had to move back to her parents’ home and restrategize.

“Yes my rent was Sh55,000 and at that time I had just lost my job. I would accumulate money from several hustles to pay my bills but people kept telling me to move to a cheaper house.

“I did not want to because I was used to a certain lifestyle and that house gave me the kind of environment I wanted. At some point I had to move back to my parents’ home,” she said.

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