Kanye West will now be known as 'Ye'.

American rapper Kanye West will now be officially known simply as ‘Ye’. This is after a Los Angeles court judge granted a request by the artiste to change his name to Ye, according to a communications officer at the Los Angeles Supreme Court.

The rapper previously used the name Ye as his nickname and had at one time used it as an album title.

"Formerly known as Kanye West. I am Ye,” he had tweeted in 2018 where his account handle had already changed to Ye.

The 44-year-old star filed the application in August, citing "personal reasons."

"I came from being Kanye, meaning special, to Ye alone, that is, an expression of our beauty, our ugliness, our confusion, our everything," he disclosed in an interview.

Ye released his latest album Donda in August, featuring 27 tracks with a running time of two hours and features black screen videos of the tracks. So far the album has been received warmly across the globe and features amongst other artistes, Kenyan-born American rapper Kay C pluto.

Ye hit the headlines earlier this year after splitting from his nearly seven-year-old wife, Kim Kardashian with whom they bore four children from their union.

Despite the split, Kim has maintained her last name West. It is still unclear whether she will pursuit to change it to Ye.