Risper Faith, Vera Sidika. [Courtesy]

Popular social media personality and reality TV actress Risper Faith has announced that she is expecting her second child with husband, Brian Muiruri.

The socialite announced that she was expectant on Sunday through a straightforward Instagram post that revealed the good news.

“Don’t ask me a question yes I’m pregnant and I love my liquor from @shereherepublic,” Faith wrote, advertising the Nairobi-based liquor store.

In the video, the influencer is seen dressed chicly in a brown, body hugging dress and stiletto heels. She walks into the fully stocked wines and spirits shop and after careful consideration between gins, cream liquers and whiskies, settles on three bottles.

In the 1 minute clip, Risper’s growing baby bump is visible.

A day after her announcement, Faith also showcased a congratulatory visit from famous socialite Vera Sidika, who went over to her house last evening, with Faith chronicling their hang-out on social media.

In moments posted on Instagram stories, Sidika showed up to Faith and Muiruri’s Kitisuru mansion in a white, pull-necked tight fitting jumpsuit, and was greeted with a bouquet of roses by her host.

In another clip posted by Risper Faith, the two are seen seated on a sofa, engrossed in a deep discussion with mentions of brand growth and pregnancy.

“Look who came visiting us today. @queenveebosset congratulations babe we can’t wait to meet the Little Vee,” Faith captioned the clip.

She added: “I’m so humbled to have you grace our home today.”

Sidika responded soon after with her own appreciative comment, writing, “Thanks sugar babe, can’t wait for play dates.”

“I’m so humbled to have you grace our home today.”[Courtesy]

The two socialites have been good friends for some time, with Faith and her husband attending both Sidika’s gender reveal party and baby shower.

Risper Faith and her rich businessman beau tied the knot in 2018 in a luxurious invite- only wedding, and had their first child the same year.


The socialite is known for being a former cast member of Nairobi Dairies, a local Reality TV show.

She is also famed for her curvy, hourglass physique, which she revealed she went under the knife to attain.

“I was undergoing liposuction because I have had too much fat in very unwelcome places following the birth of my son. I haven’t worn a bikini since the birth of my son as I have not been confident wearing one. It felt uneasy. I am not saying that I have been overweight, but that I needed to sculpt out the body shape I wanted to have,” she told Standard Entertainment and Lifestyle last year.

She added that she was eager to regain her pre-baby body and boost her self-esteem.