Gospel artiste Daddy Owen. [Courtesy]

Celebrated gospel singer Daddy Owen, real name Owen Mwatia held a grand album launch party for his 6th album, Chapter 4, yesterday, where one of his close friends took the opportunity to urge him to move on from his ex-wife.

Owen’s album release was received with anticipation and encouragement by fans and celebrity friends alike, who congratulated him for the move.

South Mugirango Member of Parliament Silvanus Osoro, who was present at the event took to the stage to wish Owen success on his album; accompanying the congratulatory message with an inspiring one urging him to heal from his failed marriage, which caused him emotional turmoil last year.

In a clip from the event seen by The Standard, the legislator also confirmed that he is the artiste’s lawyer, having known him for over ten years.

“Let me start by telling Owen congratulations. I can hardly believe that he is here. In December, he came to my office and it really hurt me- I had to shed a tear. His life wasn’t looking very okay. I see he is now back on track and I am very happy for that,” Osoro said.

Osoro said that during the time Daddy Owen was experiencing a low point, he had to distract him with contracts and business deals that would see him be too busy to wallow in sadness.

He added: “Owen, don’t keep us too long now. Kuna warembo wengi sana hapa. We have already accepted what transpired but it is time to pick one.”

During his lawyer’s speech, Owen kept his head down, momentarily walking off the stage as his friend humorously stated that it is time to move on.

Osoro went on to praise Owen’s journey, calling it transformative and inspiring.

“I am happy that even as he pursues his music, he tries to lift others,” said Osoro.

Owen married long-term partner Farida Wambui in a beautiful ceremony in 2016, and the former couple have two young sons together.

The Vanity singer confirmed their split in an exclusive interview with The Standard in February, noting that protecting her and their children was his priority.

Owen married long-term partner Farida Wambui in a beautiful ceremony in 2016. [Courtesy]

“We have been discussing our issues together as a couple and consulting each other when things don’t go right. We haven’t been agreeing on everything and that is human. It’s not like we don’t fight in our talk. However, when one wrong leads to another, you really have to get concerned and start thinking hard. When this came to that, I went on depression and could lock myself in the house and cry asking God why this was going on,” Owen said in the candid sit-down.

He added: “I stopped writing and releasing songs as my creativity wasn’t working, I could not pray as I felt weak inside, I contemplated doing everything wrong even death, nothing in life makes sense. The worst bit is that everyone out there thinks you have it all put together and life is progressive.”

After what he terms as the lowest point in his life, the MTV-Mama Award winner says that he is now back on his feet and open to starting afresh.

The celebrated gospel singer was elated after the conclusion of his album release party, emotionally thanking friends and fans for their support.

“That was amazing! Thank you so much. And to my team manze I love you guys, tukule lunch on Tuesday! To artistes and celebrities who came through, your support was massive,” the Tobina singer wrote on Instagram.