Activist Boniface Mwangi on Friday opined on abusive marriages and several notions that have made people stay in unions that do not add any value to them.

Through a post on social media, he boldly stated that he supports divorce and the parties involved should walk away if they do not feel safe in their marital home.

Mwangi strongly condemned violence saying if someone did it once, they are likely to do it again.

“I support divorce and separation any day, everyday. If someone doesn’t feel safe in their marital home, they should leave.

“If s/he is violent once, they will do it again. If “god” hates divorce, he can marry that abusive partner but the abused/mistreated spouse should leave,” he wrote.

The activist also took issue with marriage vows saying the phrase ‘til death do us part’ has made many people stay in abusive relationships, urging couples not to bow to societal pressure to maintain a certain image.

“The vows of “till death do us apart” have made many people stay in abusive marriages. A couple friend of ours made a vow to do life together until they can’t do it anymore.

“Don’t let society pressure you to stay in unhappy relationship. Leave. Prioritize your happiness not vows. Even if you don’t fall in love again, you will be alive and safe,” he added.

Mwangi added that children brought up in abusive marriages grow up with wounds so the idea of ‘staying for the children' does not really help them in the long run.

He also opined on the recent brutal killing of athlete Agnes Tirop saying she would have been alive if she was not forced by society to reconcile with her ‘abusive and jealous’ husband.

The late Agnes Tirop and her husband Ibrahim Kemboi, the main suspect in her murder. [Courtesy]

In the comments section, a number of people shared their stories and how they overcame abusive relationships.

syoks_syokau: I totally agree,it's not a death sentence and society will always talk whether you die there pleasing them or move.I am alive because I chose to leave.

candelgitz: Walked away, 3 years now with 2 sons.. I'm engaged and happy...

wangari_wanyeki: Abuse happens even before marriage. A lot of people use the 'no one is perfect' phrase to sugar-coat mess. We also need to stop shaming single parents and single people in general. You'd rather be alone than abused!

shikxxy: Parents need to learn how to be welcoming too. It's better to have your kid single and alive than burried in the name of society expectations!!!

kikie2344: Am proud I took a break and now Happy with my son,I had so much fear of what the society will say,how I was going to pay my bills but new doors opened.

mnikky: He hit me the first time then apologized I took him back.The 2nd time I made an excuse “it’s not like he does it everyday “ the 3rd time I found myself pinned on the floor reaching for my breath with blood all over my face,I almost lost my eyesight.It me took 2weeks to heal.That was the night I knew It was time to run before ending up in a body bag in JKIA.Walk away when you still have the strength and uhai.I usually don’t comment but hii imenigusa.I hope it helps someone out there.

daisyosodo: Separation is for the wise. God doesn't in any way condone violence

shiku.gathingi: ....I am so glad I walked out of an abusive marriage. I left to get my children out of a toxic environment and because I was going to loose it mentally if I stayed THEN I also know that the blessings of God cause no sorrow. #IamStillStanding