I need counselling: Mother of slain Kitengela brothers speaks

By Vincent Kejitan | 3 months ago
Lucy Wanjiru during the burial of his sons Victor Mwangi and Fredrick Muriithi. [Courtesy]

Weeks after she lost her two sons in the most gruesome way, Lucy Wanjiru, the mother of the brothers who were killed in Kitengela has said she needs counselling.

Speaking during an interview on a local radio station, Wanjiru said her sons, Fredrick Muriithi, 30, and Victor Mwangi, 25, died a painful death and whenever she thinks about their last moments she breaks down.

“Victor told me he was going for a birthday party in Kitengela and the elder one, Fredrick, told me he would not make it because he was going to church.

“I sent Fred a text that Saturday but he did not reply though he saw the message. Later on, I called but I did not manage to reach him. So the next day I sent my neighbor to check on them and he told me there was no one,” she narrated.

Adding: “On Monday I sent the neighbor again and another friend of theirs called Bony on Tuesday, and he told me the two had been killed.”

Wanjiru said her sons would never engage in crime and the fact that she raised them alone for over 25 years only to come home from the UK to find them in a morgue shatters her.

“My kids died a very painful death because they had multiple stab wounds… I need prayers, guidance and counselling. Imagining the pain they went through torments me. I have been having sleepless nights whenever I think about what they went through.

“Sometimes I wake up and scream. I am alone…I wonder why I should work. I am demotivated. But God will make a way,” said a teary Wanjiru.

She said she last saw her sons in 2018 when she left for the UK and described them as reliable and responsible.

Lucy Wanjiru with her two sons. [File]

Wanjiru called for a speedy conclusion to the matter saying she would not want any parent to experience what she is feeling at the moment.

“There is no way they would have gone to steal cattle using motorbikes. I am terrified to sleep in that house …I have a lot of fear. I have never had a grudge against anyone. I wonder what will happen next. I have so many unanswered questions.

“They were my only children and they were very responsible. If justice can be served I will be grateful. I hope this does not happen to anyone else because I am in pain,” she said.

Asked about her relationship with their father, Wanjiru said they parted ways a long time ago and although she heard he was present during the burial, she never saw him.

“I haven’t seen their father of late but I heard he attended the burial. He was away for 22 years. He cannot identify them (the two boys),” she said.

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