You are not qualified to give recommendations, Jacob Zuma’s daughter takes a swipe at Naomi Campbell

By Davis Muli | 3 months ago
Naomi Campbell [Courtesy]

Jabu Zuma, the daughter of former South African President Jacob Zuma, has taken a swipe at popular British model Naomi Campbell. Taking to social media, Jabu claimed that Naomi is not qualified at all to give recommendations on what her father should or should not do.

Jabu also mentioned that the 51-year-old actress knows nothing about South Africa’s struggles and her father’s contribution towards making SA better.

“What you remember SA to be is not and has never been a reflection of the true SA. If you had actually been watching president Zuma over the last few years as you claim, you will be well aware of the fact that all he has ever called for was a fair trial. He has been more than willing to stand in front of a court and prove his innocence,” Jabu said.

Further, Jabu went on to lecture Naomi saying that her father has never had a problem proving his innocence.

“President Zuma has never had an issue with appearing before the commission, he’s done so previously. His issue lies with having to appear before Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo. The civil unrest is bigger than president Zuma’s arrest. South Africans are hungry, impoverished, unemployed, and tired of living in a country where the government marginalises them,” she said.

Former South Africa President Jacob Zuma [Courtesy]

According to Jabu, Naomi is not qualified at all to share her opinion regarding what her father should or should not do.

“You’re simply not qualified and must be deluded to think you could ever (make recommendations on what Zuma should do),” she concluded.

It all started when Naomi Campbell took to Instagram to pen a long and open letter to the troubled former head of state. In her letter to, Naomi insinuated that President Zuma has done everything he can to avoid appearing in court.

“I have watched how, over the last few years, you have protested your innocence at the allegations tabled against you – of corruption and allowing mass state capture. I have seen you go out of your way to avoid having to deal with these matters in court and avoiding a commission set up to investigate state capture,” Naomi wrote in part.

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