I only want my kids and Nelly Oaks next to my death bed - Akothee

By Diana Anyango | 2 months ago
Nelly Oaks and Akothee [Courtesy]

Singer cum businesswoman Akothee has taken to social media in a hearty post to appreciate her former manager Nelius Oyugi better known to his fans as Nelly Oaks for being her support system.

In the post, Akothee requested that when her time to leave earth comes, Nelly and her children will be the only ones allowed beside her death bed.

Not only that, the Oyoyo crooner hopes that when/if she conceives, Nelly will be right by her in the labour ward holding her hand.

“One day, if the dead can see then, next to my death bed after my kids the only person I would like to see is H.N.O @nellyoaks. The only person I want to be with right now and the only man I wish to be next to my labour ward,” she wrote.

Akothee and her former manager turned boyfriend have given netizens sleepless nights since they rekindled their romantic relationship not too long ago. The Akothee Safaris founder admitted that she and Nelly have come from way back before appreciating him for constantly having her back and being her support system.   

“@nellyoaks you all don't know what we know. This guy has been there, when I almost lost it both physically, spiritually and emotionally. During that time I was going through a mental health problem and had to make a decision which is the brand Akothee now. He will tell you one day. @nellyoaks baby, you know this day, you understand this day. Nelson I am talking to you. One day please tell the story,” she added.

Akothee and Nelly Oaks [Courtesy]

I love him to death

Roughly a week ago, the singer, in a lengthy post on social media professed her undying love for the social media sensation, forsaking all her exes, even promising him children of his own.

“Don’t get it twisted, love is a beautiful thing. He is the man in my life now. The rest are my past and left gifts that we share. The cake now belongs to him and him alone. Stop pressing your frustrated life on my wall @nellyoaks is the man in my life now. Tukiachana nitawaambia. I love him to death. I believe and can feel that he loves me too.  This guy gives ne goosebumps. Having past failed relationships doesn't mean I won't date. Let me manage your frustrations” she wrote.

“I am having two kids for him soon. And if he dumps me or whatever the case, he will also belong to my baby daddy list, I will still give him the same love and respect as the rest who left. A friend, a partner and a soul mate,” she added.

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