Men get away with stuff women are slammed for, Singer Simi

By Davis Muli | 3 months ago
Singer Simisola Kosoko [Courtesy]

Popular Nigerian singer Simisola Kosoko, better known by her stage name Simi has taken to social media to pour her heart out on societal gender-based discrimination. According to the mother of one, men will most definitely get away with stuff that women will be slammed for.

Through Instagram, the 33-year-old added that many parents raised their daughters and let the boys raise themselves hence the reason why a lot of people believe that boys are easier to raise.

“Many parents raised their daughters and let the boys raise themselves. This is why a lot of people think boys are easier to raise,” she wrote in part.

According to her, excuses are made on behalf of boys when they handle something clumsily but girls will have it a bit different if they behave the same way. She added that this fuels sexism, the belief that one sex or gender is intrinsically superior to another which in this case, the male gender is considered superior.

“If these boys fumble, they say ''boys will be boys." If the girls fumble the exact same fumble, they say she is wayward or wasn't raised right,” she wrote.

Simi went on to narrate how more effort is put in raising girls while on the other hand, men, according to her, are taught just two main things; how to make money and provide.

“Hence, more effort is put in raising girls. She's taught to be a good wife, good mum, prudent, enduring, faithful, perfect, or whatever society's version of perfect is. Men are taught to make money and provide,” she added.

With more focus on the girlchild, Simi feels that men have it easy in life as they can get away with bad decisions and are always exonerated if things go south. She termed it as a ‘privilege’ for the boychild.

“The pressure to make good decisions is more intense for women. Men are usually able to make whatever choices or mistakes and to take more risks because society will excuse them because 'boys will be boys.' What a privilege,” she wrote.

However, the Duduke hitmaker is positive that the narrative is slowly changing. She went on to admit that more women in today’s generation are acknowledging that they are more than what society expects of them.

"I think the tide is changing a little with our generation. More women are realising they are more than what society expects. I love this for us," she added.

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