Ringtone and Willy Paul [Courtesy]

Controversial singer Wilson Abubakar Radido, popularly known by the stage name Willy Paul has taken to social media to mock singer Ringtone Apoko. In a video shared on Instagram, Willy Pozee as he is popularly known, is seen admitting that Ringtone and him do not see eye to eye.

Nani amepiga Ringtone rungu bwana? Eeeh, nani? Anyway manze sio poa. Ringtone me najua mimi na wewe hatuko sawa. Hatupendani. Sikupendi haunipendi. But chenye umepitia manze.. umepachikwa rungu. (Who has clobbered Ringtone? It is not right at all. I know Ringtone and I are not in good terms. I don’t like you and neither do you like me but what you have gone through, sighs, you been clobbered!)” he said in the video.

A few seconds into the video, the Njiwa hitmaker bursts into uncontrollable mockery laughter insinuating that he is not really sorry about Ringtone’s misfortunes but slightly glad that Ringtone went through that.

Pozee further insinuates that whatever happened to Ringtone is what he truly deserves. He goes on to add that Ringtone has been given a taste of his own medicine.

Umepigwa rungu ya komeo,(You have been clobbered Ringtone)” he pulls out his mockery laughter before adding that “Umepigwa rungu, kula dawa ya mdomo yako, (Have a taste of your own medicine)”

Willy Paul was reacting to a viral video that captured Ringtone and controversial blogger Robert Alai in an altercation which turned physical.

In the said video, Ringtone claimed that Alai had beaten him and accused him of taking the law into his own hands.

Kwa nini umenipiga…haijalishi…kubeba sheria kwa mkono (Why have you beaten me…it does not matter…taking the law into your own hands),” Ringtone said.

Ringtone was later rushed to Kenyatta hospital where he received treatment and later updated his fans.

“I want to thank all Kenyans for praying for me after the assault and attack and I want to thank the doctors of Kenyatta National Hospital for working on me and I just want to ask my fans to continue praying for me.  I am a law abiding citizen therefore I will let the law take its course and continue praying for me. God bless you and thank you,” he said.