Ringtone alleged he was assaulted by Robert Alai. [Courtesy]

Gospel singer Ringtone Apoko was on Friday, July 23, hurt after an alleged altercation with famous blogger Robert Alai.

According to a video that has since gone viral, the singer and the controversial blogger were seen viciously exchanging words, with one of Ringtone’s car windows shattered.

Mbona unanipiga? No mbona unanipiga? You can’t take the law into your own hands no matter the circumstance,’ shouted the Zoea Kupigwa Mawe crooner.

In a rejoinder, Robert who was blocked by passersby from fleeing the scene got off his car and angrily pointed a Rungu at Ringtone warning him.

“Wewe, wewe wewe,” he said repeatedly.  

Speaking from Kenyatta National Hospital where he rushed to get medical attention for his bleeding cheek and hurt arm, Ringtone thanked Kenyans for their help and prayers after the alleged assault.

“I want to thank all Kenyans for praying for me after the assault and attack and I want to thank the doctors of Kenyatta National Hospital for working on me and I just want to ask my fans to continue praying for me.  I am a law abiding citizen therefore I will let the law take its course and continue praying for me. God bless you and thank you,” he said.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, a number of netizens were convinced the singer was just clout chasing and would soon be releasing a song featuring Robert Alai.

“Ringtone now in studio- Fimbo ni ya Yesu ft Robert Alaii .The rest are just A-lai,” wrote a user by the name Amgeorgewachira

“Waiting for the new song,” added Walterojwang.

His fellow celebrities however sympathized with his situation with others wishing him quick recovery

“Pole Sana Chairman,” wrote Dkkwenyebeat

Holydavemuthengi added, “Pole sana chairman. Let no one tell you anything.”

“Pole sana bro @ringtoneapoko,” wrote Evelynwanjiru_a.

Alai is however yet to speak on the matter.

Here is the video: