Reuben Kigame [File, Standard]

Celebrated gospel singer Reuben Kigame on Wednesday lamented the cancelation of the physical launch of his presidential bid.

Taking to social media, the Enda Nasi singer stated that police told him no physical gatherings were allowed, something he referred to as a mockery of freedom.

“The physical gathering for my presidential bid launch has been canceled. The police have informed us that there should be no physical gatherings today.

“What a mockery of freedom launched on this day 31 years ago! Stay put for the next communication,” he tweeted.

He, however, assured his supporters that it would still happen today.

In recent months, Kigame has been vocal on social media, commenting on various national issues and how they can be handled in a better way.

He has often pointed an accusing finger at corrupt leaders, Kenya’s huge debt and questioned the motive of the BBI.

Earlier this year, Kigame highlighted his frustrations towards the government and the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK).

Addressing his message to Kenyans via Twitter, the musician insisted that officials in the government and copyright societies should not be allowed to speak at his funeral service.

Reuben Kigame [Courtesy]

"I wish to go public about something and I want this marked well: if you one day hear musician Reuben Kigame is dead, do not allow any government representative or those from the so-called copyright societies to speak at my funeral service. What I have been through under them is enough," said Kigame.

According to the Huniachi singer, despite releasing albums since 1987 and his songs played countrywide, Kigame said he only gets Sh18,000 royalties at the end of the month.

"I have been recording music since 1987. Released 29 albums with daily airplay in many stations around Kenya. My songs are played on just about every public event including by police and military bands. Yet at the end of the month I can only look forward to about ksh18,000 in royalties," added Kigame.