Silas Miami [Courtesy]

Silas Miami, the son of former news anchor Louis Otieno, has been on a roll this week, opening up on a troubled childhood and hostile upbringing.

He started by stating that he had received news his mother was in hospital - from a third party.

“I'm told my abusive mother is very unwell. But this information was relayed to me by a third party because she is too proud to reach out herself. Even at death's door, she refuses to swallow it and apologize - that is what narcissism looks like. Sending thoughts and prayers,” he tweeted.

Adding: “I have woken up to so many of you telling me to be the bigger person - to forgive - to go to her. I just want to thank those people so much: they're made the work of blocking them so much easier for me.”

Silas went ahead to say it is not the wisest thing for children to live for the sole purpose of making their parents proud.

This, he said, was a trauma response. He strongly condemned parents who make the lives of their children miserable by subjecting them to constant abuse as it is detrimental in the long run.

“Your parents beat you like a dog every day (and called you one, too) but you're here shouting, "...this is for them." Living solely to make your parents 'proud', if it continuously breaks you, is a trauma response,” he stated.

As expected a number of netizens reached out to him but Silas expressed confidence that he has everything under control.

“And for those of you who are reaching out with concern: I'm grateful - but I'm also really okay I've been doing this emotional work for years now. No amount of god-tier gaslighting can upend it. I have ample capacity for it. I've got this,” he tweeted.

He went ahead to reveal that many netizens had flocked his DM with similar stories of abuse and he encouraged them with words of hope.

“It's day 3 of this onslaught. My DMs are FULL of hurt folks sharing their stories of surviving narcissistic abuse at the hands of their caregivers.

“So many of us are in pain - many still haven't found the courage or space to speak up about it. I see you all. And you are loved,” he wrote.