A man should be a companion, not your ATM machine – Akothee tells daughter

By Davis Muli | 3 months ago
Akothee and her daughter Vesha Okello [Courtesy]

Flamboyant singer Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, has taken to social media to wish her first-born daughter a happy birthday. In an open letter, Akothee shared nuggets of wisdom with her daughter.

At the top of the list, Akothee advised Vesha not to compare her life with whatever she sees on the internet. According to her, the internet is full of fake people living fake lifestyles.

“Tell your fellow agemates to concentrate on their lives and leave the internet alone. Nobody is posting their weaknesses, failures & life's frustrations online! Follow celebrities for fun, never compare your life with things you see on social media ,never be carried away with relationship hypes you see on social media, kwa ground life is hard…concentrate on your life @veshashillan,” she wrote in part.

On the issue of marriage, Akothee advised her daughter that any man she will accept in her life, should be because of companionship and friendship only.

“Any man in your life should be a companion, a soulmate and a friend, not your ATM MACHINE! If you want or looking for a rich man, go marry the bank,” she added.

Akothee is of the school of thought that a woman should work hard and acquire wealth. She described a sexy woman as one who is financially stable and can take care of herself.