Charles King’ori aka Delvin Maina was arrested following a dramatic chase in Naivasha. [Courtesy]

The suspect behind the kidnapping of baby Liam was arrested on Monday in Naivasha.

Charles King’ori aka Delvin Maina was arrested following a dramatic chase that was witnessed by the public and detectives revealed that he had braided his hair to conceal his identity.

He was pounced on as he tried to escape on a motorbike and police thanked all those who gave information leading to his arrest.

“King’ori has been arrested as he tried to escape our dragnet, a few hours after the baby he had kidnapped was rescued. So desperate were his attempts to escape justice, that he had visited a salon in the town to have his hair braided to conceal his identity.

“Detectives were however too smart for the suspect’s antics, since they pounced on him as he escaped on a getaway motorbike. His arrest follows stealth & relentless efforts by the investigators, to ensure that the perpetrator does not enjoy a single day of freedom again, to torment innocent children and their families,” tweeted the DCI.

Charles King'ori [DCI, Twitter]

Baby Liam Ngucwa Mwangi, 4, is believed to have been kidnapped by King’ori, his grandparents’ houseboy.

The minor had been missing for five days and was found at a house in Naivasha by officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) after a thorough search was conducted.

Earlier, the devastated parents and relatives had made an online appeal regarding their son’s whereabouts. 

Holding their son as they fought back tears after the reunion, the parents could not hide their joy after almost a week-long search.

Baby Liam was rescued by DCI detectives after what they term as “a meticulous mission, executed by detectives from the Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau, augmented by their Special Service Unit counterparts”.