Senior management and staff gathered to mark the 11th year of Radio Maisha being on air. (Courtesy)

The third floor of the Standard Group's headquarters resonated a warm and festive mood as senior management and staff gathered to mark the 11th year of Radio Maisha being on air.

The colours in the set-up were all reds and blues, just like the signature colours on the logo of the renowned Swahili radio station.

A delicately decorated cake made in the shape of a mixing console, a microphone and headphones sat on a podium, also embracing the colours. The radio equipment-shaped dessert was undoubtedly a familiar sight to the presenters and hosts who were present, beaming in the many accomplishments of the young station.

The event came days after the station won the KUZA people's choice award for the third year running. (Courtesy)

Before the speeches could commence, Victor Mulamwa, a Radio Maisha reporter performed a rhythmic Swahili poem to mark the momentous occasion.

In rhyming words, the reporter narrated the skill and expertise of the presenters and hosts who fill up the line-up on the station from morning till evening.

On display were several trophies and awards.

“The reason Radio Maisha is where it is today is because the business decided to equip the team with everything they needed, and in return, the radio team did not disappoint.

They made returns on every investment made towards improving the station and making it number one in the country, said Standard Group CEO Orlando Lyomu.

According to the CEO, the success of the station would first be measured with the people, more so the radio team, who have soldiered on under various difficult circumstances, including the coronavirus pandemic more recently.

“I believe that being the best is not all there is to it. Being unique is more important. Radio Maisha has that quality, and that is what makes the station shine and win in every category," said Tom Japanni, the General Manager of Radio Products.

He added, "The team has worked incredibly, providing listeners with accurate and timely news and entertaining them at the same time.”

Japanni added that the journalism aspect of the product is crucial, and that professionalism has greatly increased within the station over the years.

“Eleven years on, Radio Maisha is the only brand allowed to celebrate every year. And that is because it is very well merited. I want to give a big congratulations to the team, which has put in a lot of work, and has a great culture,” said Joe Munene, MD Broadcast.

Standard Group CEO Orlando Lyomu. (Courtesy)

Ochieng Rapuro, the Editor in Chief, said that the recent winnings, that of the People’s Choice Awards and Most Trusted Media for news were telling of the product quality. It emerged runner’s up on the category over the last two years.

“It is easy to be popular for the wrong reasons, but to be popular to the people and at the same time being the most trusted for news content is remarkable. It means when people are looking for truth and facts, they come to Radio Maisha,” said Rapuro.

During this post-decade birthday, there was more than just another year to celebrate, but a continued winning streak as the people’s choice for Swahili radio.

The event came days after the Standard Group-owned radio station won the people’s choice award at the Communications Authority of Kenya’s KUZA awards for the third year running.