Nameless [Courtesy]

Legendary artiste Nameless wants a street in South C to be named after the late E-Sir. Nameless shared a close relationship with the artiste and together recorded a song ‘Boomba Train’.

In honour of the close ties the two shared, Nameless recently made a visit to E-Sir's grave alongside Talia Oyando, Big Pin and the artistes’ late brother Habib.

In what would have been his 40th birthday, Nameless is pushing for a street to be named after him as per an Instagram caption which he penned down to celebrate the late music icon.

Nameless and E-Sir [Courtesy]

"Happy birthday Esir!! Welcome to the 4th floor! Esir would have been turning 40 today fam!!!...with all the guys he inspired with his works I think he deserves a street in south C to be named after him...Esir Lane????...let's push for this to happen. Happy 40th Birthday Esir," he wrote.

Elsewhere, sensational rapper Trio Mio was recently compared to E Sir thanks to his musical talent. The young lad whose fast-rising musical talent has been noticed by many industry players became a topic to many who agree that his style is almost similar to that of E Sir.

Trio Mio [Courtesy]

Contributing to this topic as well was Nameless who explained that the comparison is proof that his great musical talented has been noticed.

Keep up the good work @TriomioOfficial whenever you see yourself being compared to greats like E-Sir then you are definitely impactful. Bless up,” tweeted Nameless to which Trio Mio responded, “Thank you so much @namelesskenya this means the world to me. It’s a great honor to even be in the same convo as The Legend Goat Inanipea strength ya kuzidi kuskuma. Bless Up.”