DJ Joe Mfalme recently revealed that he has constructed a house for his mother. [Courtesy]

During the week I was listening to interviews of the top KCSE candidates in the country and they all wanted to venture into medicine, engineering or law.

There is nothing wrong with that because passion also goes a long way in helping you decide the career path you would want to take.

Strangely enough, I have never heard a top candidate mention art as a possible path, perhaps because of societal expectations. Anyway, to each their own.

Recently, DJ Joe Mfalme opened up on his hustle and how people laughed at him back home when he said he would become a disc jockey.

To be honest, not so many parents in the African setting would want to spend a fortune to take you to campus only for you to settle on playing music for people at nightclubs or other social events.

As expected, neighbours and friends discouraged Joe, telling his parents that their son was ‘lost’.

DJ Joe Mfalme [Courtesy]

12 years later, the DJ prides himself in constructing a house for his mum, having wisely saved the money he earned from his gigs.

“When I choose to become a DJ I’ll never forget how some people laughed at us in shaggz and some discouraging me and telling my parents "kijana yako sasa amekua mkora.

“Fast forward 12 years later, land was bought and Mom's house has been completed thanks to this Hustle,” he wrote.

DJ Joe Mfalme emphasized the importance of discipline and prayer to accomplish life goals, urging Kenyans to respect every hustle.

The house DJ Joe Mfalme has constructed for his mum. [Courtesy]

“Hii dunia usidharau kazi ya mtu. One lesson I have learnt…in anything that you do, if you put your best foot forward and you become disciplined, you MUST SUCCEED. GOD'S GRACE WILL ALWAYS BE SUFFICIENT,” he concluded.