Dua Lipa [Courtesy]

A secret feud has reportedly been bubbling behind-the-scenes between Dua and Rita for the past two years, which Bebe hints could be down to the music industry tendency to pit women against each other.

Bebe Rexha has shared details of the reported feud between Rita Ora and Dua Lipa, which has derailed for the pop trio to sing together.

American singer Bebe, 31, has given rare insight into the rivalry between 30-year-old Rita and 25-year-old Dua which has been rumbling behind closed doors for the past two years.

Bebe says she has been desperate to get both ladies into a recording booth, along with 27-year-old US singer Ava Max, to create a huge pop song.

But sadly plans have been ruined by Rita and Dua’s apparent dislike for each other, something Bebe has tried, but ultimately failed, to fix.

She told The Sun: “I have really tried. I don’t know what’s really going on there or what the drama is. I’ve tried to always be the peace-keeper and bring the girls together.

“For me, I would really love to do something together but I’m not sure that will ever happen. And I won’t say any more about that.”

Bebe went on to suggest the reason could be down to women being pitted against each other in the music industry.

She said: “It’s weird because I know how it is to be a girl and sometimes we can get really competitive. I’m not even talking about me, Dua, Rita and Ava, I’m just talking about females in general. What happens is there’s not enough women at the table.”

She added: “It’s sad that there’s an unspoken competitiveness because I see it as, ‘How awesome is it that we all have our own levels of success?’ I would love for it to happen because I know all of these girls individually and they’re all awesome chicks.”

It has previously been speculated that Dua turned on Rita after comparisons were made between the two as they both have Kosovan heritage and attended the same school after moving to the UK.

A source close to the pair said back in 2019: “It’s a shame, as they used to be very close and Dua spoke a lot about how much she admired Rita.”

The source, speaking amid speculation the ladies did all they could to avoid each other at that year’s MET Gala, continued: “Dua even said she wanted to be just like Rita in the future.

“But now things have gone south dramatically and she is trying to distance herself, and she’s making no secret of it in the industry.

“Rita is desperate to avoid confrontation and went out of her way to make sure they didn’t come face to face.”