Dj Creme De La Creme at a past event. [File, Standard]

DJ Crème De La Crème has cut a niche for himself growing from an amateur to one of the most celebrated disc jockeys in Kenya.

Speaking exclusively to Standard Entertainment while commemorating the “4/20” the A-lister Dj cum entrepreneur admitted that he has been a pothead for the better part of his life. “I have been using weed for the last 24 years and see, my life turned out pretty well…furthermore I was an A student,” he said.

Although he pointed out that he does not advocate for the abuse of the drug, according to him, the benefits outweigh the harm.

April 20 (4/20), otherwise known as "420"has become somewhat of an unofficial holiday as many cannabis users mark the day by smoking weed. More and more countries are lessening the stringent measures put against the ‘herb’. Weed is more common than ever especially in the celebrity world.

Kenyans are openly discussing the drug and probably the intake is also high. But Marijuana use was banned in Kenya before independence under the 1933 Dangerous Drugs Act, which was replaced by the 1994 Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (Control) Act.

Speaking on weed legalization in Kenya the ‘Esko’ clothing line founder had this to say, “This conversation should have taken place like 20years ago. We live in pretense where people smoke in private then come out to castigate marijuana as a deadly drug. Furthermore, how many people have you heard of that have succumbed to overdose intake of the same?” he posed.

He went ahead and shared his experience in Amsterdam: “I worked in Amsterdam for some time and believe you me, people just walk into 'coffee shops' where weed is sold and you are given a menu like any other restaurant, then you get the weed of your choice. In addition to that, if you look at their crime rate it is extremely low.  If the same was done in Kenya we wouldn’t have scenarios of people abusing weed” he said.

Crème, who relocated to Kericho, intimated that gigs were pretty scarce but he still manages to get some shows here and there and hopes for quick reopening of the country. “I am mostly occupied with ‘Esko’ as we wait for the reopening,” he said. 

Marijuana buds with marijuana joints ,paper on a wooden table. [Courtesy]