Raila's tweet.

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga today lit up social media after tweeting that he woke up listening to Busy Signal’s hit, Reggae Music Again. “I woke up to Busy Signal’s- REGGAE MUSIC AGAIN HIT… Peace and love for every day. What are you listening to?” tweeted Raila.

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The tweet caused a stir online as it comes just a day after over 27 county assemblies endorsed the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), surpassing the threshold of 24 required to trigger a constitution amendment. The BBI juggernaut has long been referred to as ‘reggae’, as they often play the song Nobody Can Stop Reggae by Lucky Dube during rallies meant to mobilize support for the Bill.

Raila listening to Reggae Music Again could be interpreted as making a statement that approval of the Bill is on course. The Bill still needs to go through the National Assembly and the Senate before being forwarded to the president for assent. On receiving the Bill, the president will then forward it to the IEBC, who as the law stipulates, shall conduct a referendum within 90 days of receiving the communication.


Raila’s tweet elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans:

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