Los Angeles comedian Joe Luna has died at the age of 38 just days after he opened up about suffering from coronavirus.

Comedian Joe Luna has died just days after he began documenting his battle with coronavirus. The 38-year-old Los Angeles performer known as Joe El Cholo passed away on November 23, days after opening up about the virus on social media. The comedian - who was a double amputee and suffered from diabetes - was known to perform in several Pasadena and Hollywood locations throughout his comedy career. In the days running up to his death, Joe shared several messages where he detailed the horrendous symptoms he was experiencing.

"Wow if it's not one thing it's another," he wrote. "Dealing with chest pains, pneumonia, it’s pretty intense I need all the prayers. Please Lord give me the strength to fight," he wrote.

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Joe also confirmed that he did not contract Covid-19 from performing but instead he picked up the virus from close contact. Speaking to his followers on November 22, Joe also shared a stark warning about the dangers of Covid-19 after he had contracted the virus.

He said: "I’m going to show you guys my journey through my good and bad times because it’s all about showing my people out there if you think that Covid is a joke, if you think this won’t be you...then trust me; it hits everybody differently."

The performer was then reportedly admitted to hospital after his condition worsened before sadly passing away. Although no official cause of death has been confirmed, Joe had revealed he had contracted Covid and pneumonia in the days before his death. The performer's family have confirmed on Instagram that a memorial will be held for the late comedian in the coming days. They have also set up a GoFundMe page to collect donations that will go towards the comedian's funeral.

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Cases of coronavirus have continued to soar across the United States with at least 13,615,100 confirmed cases reported in the US as of Tuesday morning. At least 268,000 US citizens have died of the virus so far, according to Johns Hopkins University data.