“From a simple dream to a beast of a reality...Welcome to Rogue Radio." Photo: Courtesy.

Radio personality and YouTube content creator Andrew Kibe has launched a radio station five months after quitting Kiss 100. Sharing the news via social media, the vocal media personality promised to deliver content without any restrictions on the station dubbed Rogue Radio.

“From a simple dream to a beast of a reality...Welcome to Rogue Radio. All of the hits without the sh**!” he wrote.

Kibe’s abrupt exit from the Radio Africa-owned station came as a surprise to many seeing the chemistry he had with Kamene Goro. He wrote: “It has been real watu nguyas. I will miss all your nonsense in the morning especially Kamene Goro.”

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Kibe later revealed that he had handed in his resignation notice letter three months before his departure citing extreme censorship and work restrictions.

“I gave my notice three months ago because I was being censored on the content I could put out on national radio. On social media, I can put out whatever I want without limitations, things I couldn't say on the radio. I am glad to have worked with Kamene and I hope she will join me in the digital space as well,” said Kibe.

Radio Career

Before replacing Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru on Kiss 100 FM Kibe, he worked as a radio presenter at NRG where he co-hosted the breakfast show with Kamene Goro.  The duo unceremoniously quit the radio station, prompting legal action to be taken against them.

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The radio station asked the court to “grant a temporary order of injunction restraining the respondent from performing services for, carrying or being engaged or interested or concerned directly or indirectly or publicly identifying with the promotion of or the services provided by, any other radio station within the Republic of Kenya or in any business which in any way competes with the applicant’s business pending the hearing and determination of this application.”

“I’ve been taken to court. It’s now public knowledge. An injunction has been slapped on me. I’m not supposed to go on air, so what guys? How am I supposed to work? Where do I earn my living from? My career, my future,” Kamene lamented

Since he departed from Kiss 100, Kibe has been creating content on YouTube.