US President Donald Trump [Photo: Courtesy]

Sophie Turner was quick to mock Donald Trump as he made a schoolboy error during the final presidential debate with Joe Biden on October 22. The 24-year-old Game of Thrones star took to her Instagram Stories to show how funny she found the 74-year-old president's assertion that Europe was a "country" at the Curb Event Center in Nashville, Tennessee. It was the final time that Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Biden would go face-to-face before the polls on November 3.

Sophie was one of many who were in tears of laughter when Trump made his faux pas, and she wasted no time in sharing her feelings on the matter. She posted a photo of her face as she was caught mid-laughter, captioning it with: "He called Europe a country.”

Sophie Turner [Photo: Courtesy]

Trump had been discussing how his administration had been working with other countries in finding a way to curb coronavirus. He said: "We also have others that we’re working on very closely with, other countries, in particular Europe.”

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The mistake was made funnier due to the authority in which Trump made his claim, which heightened the error. Twitter was soon alight with others who joined Sophie in sharing their incredulity at what they heard. One viewer wrote: "Who’s gonna tell @realDonaldTrump that Europe isn’t a country?”

Another tweeted: "Started the debate from the beginning and Donald Trump just referred to Europe as a country [laughing emoji] if it wasn’t real life it would be absolutely hilarious.” Trump also claimed that New York City was a "ghost town" in a tweet before heading into the debate. He has been pushing for more businesses to open up during the pandemic and said that his home town was 'deserted' due to the virus.

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This brought confusion from some who lived in the city, with The Real Housewives executive producer, Andy Cohen, replying that NYC is “not a ghost town.”