Tom Cruise performs Mission Impossible stunts as he leaps between boats in Venice (Image: AFP via Getty Images)

Tom Cruise wowed onlookers with his Mission Impossible stunts in Venice. The daredevil Hollywood actor, 58, has been known for doing his own stunts, no matter how dangerous. Having set the bar high for many Hollywood actors, of course the movie star didn't shy away from filming more exhilarating scenes on his return to the floating city. With enviable ease the Mission Impossible lead leaped between the water taxis in the Venice canals, in Italy.

Cameras were rolling as Tom performed the heartstopping sequence for the seventh installment of Mission Impossible. Many bystanders gathered to catch glimpses of the Top Gun star in action reprising his role as Ethan Hunt.

Tom was seen wearing a face mask as he stuck to the coronavirus guidelines. Mission Impossible's crew have returned to the city of love after the coronavirus pandemic forced them to stop filming in February. Delays have continued to slow down the filming of the seventh installment of Mission Impossible.

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After they got back up and running, a motorbike caught fire on the £2million set sparking setbacks for the production team. But now the actors have thrown themselves fully back into work. Reports were swirling Tom splashed out £500,000 on a boat for the Mission Impossible crew to film in September.

Claims surfaced the leading actor - who has an estimated worth of $570million (£424million) - picked up the £500k bill to continue filming on The Hurtigruten ship. It's believed it will hit cinemas in 2022.

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