Star of the Sea High School, a secondary school in Mombasa, was founded in 1909. Photo: Courtesy.

It is known for churning out the most beautiful female media personalities, especially the beauties who anchor news in Kiswahili. Star of the Sea High School, a secondary school in Mombasa, was founded in 1909 by the French ‘Our Lady of Africa’ Catholic sisters, also called ‘The White Sisters.’ It started as a mixed school before becoming a girl’s school in 1964. By 1978, it had become a fully government-maintained school with the Catholic church as its sponsor. In 1981, with the introduction of ‘A’ level sciences, Star of the Sea was upgraded to a high school.

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Vera Sidika.

Today, the school has four streams, with a large student population of around 760. Here, prefects do not wear pleated skirts, like other students. Instead, they wear T-Shirts with a different shade of blue from those worn by regular students. Famous alumni who wore sky-blue skirts, white shirts, blue ties, white socks and Toughees shoes when reciting the school motto ‘Ukweli Daima,’ include socialite Vera Sidika (before she bleached) as well as the 2014 Big Brother rep, Sabina Anyango Stadler.

Sabina Stadler. Photo: Courtesy.

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Another old girl who attended fortnightly assemblies and sang the school anthem, The star of the sea burns bright in the sky/So bright burns the faith God almighty indeed/Joyful and strong, we march along led on by the light of the star of the sea, is former K24’s TV host Jamila Mbugua.