Mimi Mars [Photo: Courtesy]

Tanzanian Songstress Mimi Mars has come out to deny claims that she is in a relationship with Bongo Flava star Diamond Platnumz. This is after the two were spotted having a swim over at Diamond’s house days after he publicly professed his love to her. "I have always loved this girl. I really do not know where I as the son of Mama Dangote goes wrong in timing. Doh! @mimi_mvrs11," wrote Diamond.

Opening up on her relationship with the singer during an interview with Ayo TV, Mimi Mars stated that her relationship with the Jeje crooner is purely work-related and nothing more.

“I really don’t see the need to explain anything. Those that have eyes have seen and those with ears have heard. The people that know me personally understand. Those that don’t know me can assume whatever they want. Our relationship is purely work-related. We have an upcoming project and that’s all,” she said.

Mimi Mars refrained from giving too much details pertaining their relationship explaining that those that mattered in her life already know what is going on.

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“I don’t want to share much because the people around me already know what’s up. The rest not knowing doesn’t really stress me. We have spoken about that possibility and put it behind us. That’s something that can never happen.  To be honest, we are all over it, it’s the media that keeps dragging this issue. It’s over and done with,” said Mimi Mars.

Diamond Platnumz [Photo: Courtesy]

The Tanzanian actress went on to affirm that she is another relationship with a very loving and understanding man.

“I have someone in my life already. I thank God because he is extremely understanding and even when I went over at Diamond’s place he knew about it, we spoke about it and he understood why I went there. That’s why I insist that the people that matter to know already know, the rest can continue spreading rumors,” she admitted.

Asked whether she would be open to having a cordial relationship with Diamond outside work, Mimi Mars responded saying that it would be better if they remained music counterparts to avoid more drama adding that due to the mentality people have of Diamond, it would be hard to believe they are just friends. 

“I don’t think my relationship with Diamond can be more than work because you can imagine how people talked just because of the pool video, imagine if we are seen hanging out together in public. People don’t understand that someone like Diamond can have a normal relationship with a lady because of his nature or past maybe because of what we know about him.

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“Let’s just continue working plus his studio is in his house and he can’t work elsewhere we have no choice but to follow him. So until we finally release our project I know you will hear and see so many things but like I said I’m really okay with that,” she concluded.