Cashy and Khaligraph in 2017. She say that she's been keeping the matter under wraps for a while but his hesitance to support their son prompted her to go public.

Rapper Karimi Muriungi alias Cashy has accused Khaligraph Jones of neglecting and stalling the payment of upkeep for their two-year-old-son. In an exclusive interview with Standard Entertainment & Lifestyle, Cashy says that she's been keeping the matter under wraps for a while but his hesitance to support their son prompted her to go public.

"I have been quietly handling the matter for almost a year now but it's getting stalled more and more, yet the kid needs support. After we broke up, I didn't talk about the paternity of my child as I wanted to keep the matter private, because I felt the media would twist the story," she says.

According to the Naitwa Cashy rapper, efforts to communicate with Khaligraph proved futile as he's been "blocking and unblocking" her hence, she opted to seek legal redress.

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"I started actively following up on the matter after delivering and graduating- I sent him a demand letter. He knew (the baby is his) because we were together when I was pregnant. He's been asking for the baby's pictures, talking to my parents but does nothing for our child. Meanwhile, he's trying to paint this picture that he's a good dad on social media yet he's not taking care of our son at all. Because of this culture of blocking my number and speaking to me when he feels like, I opted to seek justice for our son through the legal system," says Cashy.

Health insurance

Cashy further says that the matter is of urgency as their son Xolani is sick and doesn't have health insurance.

"It's urgent because our son fell sick, but Khaligraph took no action. They (Khaligraph and Xolani) know each other and that's why I'm wondering why he doesn't want to take care of him.  I've followed the legal procedure, with the main issue being of negligence. I feel like I have all the necessary documents and all the evidence to prove that he's unwilling to be responsible."

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DNA test concerns

The rapper further says that she agreed to a DNA test to ascertain whether Khaligraph is the child's biological father, as documents shared to her Instagram page prove. She, however, expressed concerns to their respective lawyers that the rapper could influence the outcome of the tests as his team was allegedly providing her with false information regarding the procedure.

Photo: Instagram/cashykarimi.

"That's the concern I expressed with our lawyers because they were giving me false information. I had already talked to LANCET about the due process."


She further dismisses any allusions that she has a malicious agenda against Khaligraph.

"It's not about being malicious but fighting for the child's rights. I've been consulting lawyers and talking to people on social media who have been very helpful. They have been giving me advice and contacts and to lawyers and organizations dealing with children's rights."

What she's seeking

While affirming that she's been singlehandedly taking catering for the child's needs, Cashy says it's about time the father chipped in to provide the child with a good future.

"I've got some of the child's need covered. I would like for him to have the best education possible, considering who his parents are. It's in the child's best interest if we combined forces and do whatever is best for him to the best of our abilities. "

When reached for comment, Khaligraph's manager Frank declined to comment on the matter as he only "deals with the business side". He further said that the rapper is unavailable to comment on the matter.

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Cashy with Khaligraph and Frank.

Music plans

In regards to her music career, Cashy says that "right now, my major focus is on securing my child's future. No one could have predicted the COVID-19 outbreak and the impact it has had on the economy so come 2021, we don't know what will happen. Behind the scenes, I still work with a lot of artists and several projects. I'm also a businesswoman."