Radio presenter Kyle's face says it all as Stacy revealed the man she’d kissed was her father.

A father and daughter left radio presenters 'disturbed' after going to extreme lengths to bag the cash prize in a bizarre game show. Australian radio station Kiis hosts The Kyle and Jackie Show, where one of the segments features a game called 'Boyfriend or Daddy'. The rules are simple; a female guest will bring a male companion into the studio and the two hosts have to guess whether the man is their partner or their dad - if they guess incorrectly, the woman wins the equivalent of about Sh78,000.

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This week 26-year-old Stacy brought along Nick, 49, and it was left to the presenters to figure out their true relationship. The pair presented the story that they were a couple, and the presenters grilled them on details of their intimate lives, which we'll spare you the details of. After they made it through the highly uncomfortable interrogation, Jackie O laid down one final challenge, saying: "There's only one way to decide this, would you guys be willing to give each other just a little kiss on the lips? This is going to be the clincher for everybody watching on Instagram live and for us here."

The pair move in for a smooch lasting a few seconds, as presenter Kyle says: "They are fully kissing, it was a make out. I'm locking in boyfriend without a doubt. It has to be the boyfriend. It has to be. It can't be the father, no one kisses their father like that."

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Everyone in the studio agrees that the pair are partners and they switch it to Stacy for the grand reveal. The entire office behind them jumps to their feet as she says: "The things we do for money. This is actually my father. My boyfriend is going to be mortified."

Kyle, clearly a little lost for words, congratulates the pair on their 'close' relationship and for winning the prize adding: "That's the craziest s*** I've ever seen."