Khaligraph Jones reignites beef with Octopizzo . (Courtesy)

Popular Kenyan rapper Brian Robert Ouko better known as Khaligraph Jones, has pointed an accusing finger at his fellow rapper Octopizzo claiming that he is behind his latest track, Lwanda Magere's declining views. Addressing Octopizzo in a social media post, the Hao crooner, begged the rapper to stop adding robots to his account, saying it looks like he too is buying views after they significantly dropped from 90,000 to 80,000 in an hour. "@Octopizzo stop adding bots on my views so that it also looks like am buying views like you, this is your work please, stop it," Wrote Khaligraph.

Not so pleased by the accusations tabled against him, Octopizzo fired back at the rapper with insults warning him to stop mentioning his name unnecessarily. "There's this sheep that ever since it settled down with a fair skinned lady has been so confused. Take your feelings to the bedroom my friend. Can someone tell this rat to reduce his belly fat before it can come talk to me? Stop mentioning my name unnecessarily.

"It seems your songs will never trend without mentioning my name. You can post my whole family on Instagram so that your songs get more recognition. You might be built but I still remain the tailor," he scoffed. The two rappers' online confrontation came a few days after Octopizzo was put on the spot by netizens after his song Nikupate displayed 854,000 views not too long after its release before declining to 479,559 views at the time of this publication.

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Khaligraph Jones reignites beef with Octopizzo . (Courtesy)

When news of his declining views hit social media, Khaligraph was among netizens who called the rapper out for supposedly buying views online to gain more popularity. "Woi Woi woi it seems things are getting pretty bad. I hope IEBC takes it easy on YouTube as Lwanda Magere Legacy dropping any time," he wrote.

Female rapper Noti Flow also joined in condemning Octopizzo accusing him of turning down her offer to work together, yet he buys views. "He turned down my offer for a collabo yet he buys views!" she wrote.

Octopizzo went on to rubbish claims that he had been purchasing views for YouTube, stating that he had already identified the individual responsible for his fluctuating views. "I haven't been around but I hear Fatboys are still talking. Even the dancers are giving the crop top sisters a hard time. Let me wake Chebukati and ask him to play with the servers even more so that they know what playing dirty means and they can have something to talk about. This time the views will jump to 10million in a day and they'll talk till they get tired. Also, I've already found the people that have been playing with my views," he said.

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Despite his explanation, several social media users, including a few notable celebrities, strongly believe that Octopizzo's online statistics still do not add up with popular YouTuber Xtian Dela accusing him of buying Instagram followers. "I spoke about it on my LIVE people thought it was a joke. Go look at his Instagram as well; he responds to all the comments to make it look like he has many comments. How can you have millions of views on a song and people don't know it?" said Xtian.