Sabina Chege and John De'Mathew [File Photo]

Murang’a Woman Representative Sabina Chege has revisited the death of Mugithi star John De’Mathew one year after the singer passed on. During a radio interview, the former actress described the late musician as a peacemaker whose death shocked many.

"It is good we live in peace with one another for that's what John would have said if he were still alive. His death was untimely and it came as a shock to many. It is good to live in peace with others for you don't know when your time will come,” she said.

“John, having been an artiste took interest in politics. If he was here, he would have released a song by now in relation to what's happening in the country, politically. He was like a prophet…whenever he sang about something, it would almost always come true,” she added.

Sabina Chege

Rumours about their affair were rife about three years ago when the musician featured Chege in his music video for the song 'Njata Yakwa’, which is Kikuyu for 'my star'. It is said that De'Mathew dedicated the song to Sabina and she wasn't just a video vixen in the music video.

The two never commented on the issue publicly but during De'Mathew's burial, Sabina decided to finally put the rumours to rest by declaring that she and De'Mathew were just friends and their relationship was simply platonic. In her tribute message to the deceased musician, Sabina described him as a friend, keeping the message short and simple. "I have seen you grow as a person and in the music industry. Fare thee well my friend, "Sabina said.

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Before joining politics Chege was a household name as an actress in the popular television drama series, Tausi, in which she played the role of Rehema before becoming a radio presenter with Coro FM.