Kirsten Dunst and Kanye West [Photo: Courtesy]

Kirsten Dunst appeared to tear down Kanye West's 2020 presidential vision campaign with one telling question. The rapper, 43, has pushed on with his presidential campaign after his outburst "I nearly killed my daughter" at his first rally caused uproar in the Kardashian clan.

Kim Kardashian urged fans to give her "brilliant yet complicated" hubby their compassion as he battles with bipolar amid rumours they're trying to mend their marriage. Kanye circulated his 2020 vision poster on social media on Thursday, which immediately sparked controversy.

Kirsten, 38, responded to the rapper's latest poster which appeared to feature her face on it among others with the words "Kanye 2020 vision". Spiderman's leading actress delivered the burning question of why the musician had chosen to include her in his 2020 campaign on Thursday.

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Also, the American beauty asked what the message was behind the poster the rapper was trying to convey. She wrote: "What’s the message here, and why am I a part of it?" Her response sparked fans to compare it to his war with Taylor Swift.

Among the crowd, one wrote: "But weren’t you on the call that was secretly recorded by his wife when you gave him permission?? No?" Others added: "Kanye needs to go away... I'm sorry he used your pic without permission.""Was going to say there’s no way you were involved."

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