Vera Sidika [Photo: Instagram @queenveebosset]

Vera Sidika has in an Instagram comment hit back at a fan who accused her of being the problem in her past failed relationships.

“We know you are the problem now, not them!” the internet user lashed out at the 30-year-old socialite.

“I walked out of my relationship because I’m not going to stay in a toxic one just to impress people like you. You can think whatever you like at the end of the day I’m the one who will face it and eliminate what is not good for me. I will not tolerate [it] just to show the world that I am still in a relationship,” Sidika hit back in a since-deleted comment.

Without officially confirming her rumoured split from Tanzanian doctor Jimmy Chansa, the popular entrepreneur hinted that she was indeed in a relationship, perhaps with someone new and interested in starting a family.

“When your body is banging and your man wants to make you a mother,” she cheekily captioned the seductive snap.

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This comes after the socialite and her ex-boyfriend deleted all traces of each other from their Instagram accounts, sparking the breakup hearsay.

Vera Sidika [Photo: Instagram @queenveebosset]

The two were also conspicuously missing in action on Valentine’s Day, with Vera Sidika taking to her social media to post a solo picture, cryptically captioning the snap in appreciation of her fans.

“Happy Valentine’s Day sweethearts. I love y’all with all my heart,” Sidika wrote.

Chansa suspiciously opted to remain mum about love on the special day, posting instead about the UEFA champions league.

Further, the two “unfollowed” each other on social media, a tell-tale sign of cutting ties with each other.

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The entrepreneur had previously been linked to popular singer Otile Brown, with whom she had a bitter and publicized break up.

Sidika accused her former lover of being an opportunist who took advantage of her for money and fame while Otile disputed her eyebrow-raising claims.

The former video model was catapulted to fame after starring in former music supergroup P-unit’s song You Guy, with fans admiring her curvy figure and her looks intriguing many.